russian freedom vs. american freedom

It would not be wrong to say that Russia, by today’s standard, is the most republican and capitalist state in history.

What constitutes Russian freedom? Is it based on the Russian constitution? Perhaps it is not the constitution but perhaps the bible? Russians do not consider freedom the same way Americans do, a piece of paper does not enrage us like it enrages patriots. To us, that seems silly and restrictive.

And we Russians constantly get shit on. Freedom should be inclusiveness, non-oppressive and equal. Liberty for all!

What is interesting is that our definition of Liberty is completely different from that of Americans.


In the traditional manner, we think all rules and regulations, bad or good, restrict our freedom.

We hate the red-tape legislation of the United States and its incessant heated debates about legislation that often affects a small percentage of people. Russians will never rally themselves regarding issues that they dislike. We think of ourselves and our families. Little will make us go out of our way and waste time protesting issues that we dislike. There might be two types of legislation that can cause vociferous protests: Blanket Emigration Bans and collectivization of private property. In Russia, there really are only two types of protests: infinitesimally insignificant or full-scale Revolutions.

The best way to explain Russian freedom is through its wilderness. Every Russian has a country-house we call “dacha.” There, we go for ultimate freedom: the lack of work, government, regulation, rules, neighbors, worries, and coworkers. Want to shoot a gun? Wait for the weekend and feel free to barrage a target with Putin’s face on it. Hate guns? Don’t worry, you are the only one in a 50 square mile perimeter, no one will shoot a gun in your backyard.

Want to be publicly homosexual without being stared at and/or yelled at? Go ahead and do it in the front yard of your dacha. No one will come and disturb you. Russians know that once they disturb neighbors with their presence, they are directly oppressing them with their judgment and preventing the ultimate freedom we enjoy.

Sure, we might not be the most democratic or equal society, but nature makes everyone and everything free to do whatever the fuck they want.

The only laws that are strictly enforced in the wilderness are those concerning offenses that could harm people physically i.e. Murder, Rape etc.

Freedom is being free from red tape regulation, cultural norms, and judgment.

Have I made my case?


Peter Shaburov