Whatever crap I’m interested In

Alright I want to work on a new project and I have been itching to write more, my sleep schedule is fucked and I might as well utilize the restless nights.

Here is my idea: pump countless of hours into a project Im gonna abandon the second I find something more interesting. But ey, I might as well document my shit.

Alright hear me out: Tinder for shoes. It’s got the cliche silicon valley tech bro sound to it and as far as I have seen, people these day will eat up anything, from a 700$ juicer to the fuckfest that is WeWork.

A week or so ago I was laying in bed and I wanted to buy some shoes. Now what is the normal plan in this situation. I go to a mall, and run around shops until something catches my eyes. Maybe it was the medium pizza that I gobbled up 30 minutes earlier, or the thought of having to converse with someone I don’t know in Russian (God I have a phobia that people will think I am retarded because I have mild accent and talk slowly, but that’s neither here or there), but I kinda just went nah.

The solution: give me an app where I can swipe some shoes and it will tell me exactly where to buy them, offline and/or online. My mind can only handle so many ruski conversations.


Imma post updates here:

First Step, 3 hours of work

First backend prototype